Tour Testimonials


Frank Weisskirchen has conducted assessments at Dynamik Stallions for both our own ponies and also from outside ponies and horses. We value Frank's wealth of knowledge in not only assessing foals but also we value his expertise of riding horses. Frank has conducted two seminars at Dynamik Stallions and these seminars received fantastic reviews ! 

Kristy Renae Jarvis
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I attend the Nation Tour every year for my Warmblood horses to be assessed. This is a very important part of my breeding program as I need an outside opinion about the quality of my horses that is completely independent from Australia. I have had assessments here for my horses and outside horses over the past 12 years.

Frank Weißkirchen attended the Nation All Breeds Tour as an assessor in 2018 & 2019. I have had many Assessors attend my property for breed assessments and I found Frank to be the most informative out of them all. Frank’s knowledge is amazing with all the different breeds. Last year we had Thoroughbreds, Warmbloods and Pinto’s here for assessment and everybody enjoyed all the explanations that he provided.

Frank has been extremely helpful with our Warmblood breeding program at Winmallee. He has assessed all the mares, foals, colts & youngstock with his brilliant eye. He has let me know all the good and not so good points with the breeding and ridden horses, so then I can use the best possible stallion to improve the weaknesses. Frank has great knowledge on stallions through Germany which is very important as I only use Frozen Semen. Frank absolutely has such a passion for the horses and is so willing to pass on everything he knows and his experiences.

On a personal side he has the best personality and is happy to sit down and tell his life story’s and have a joke. He also takes the time out to find out people’s personal goals and to give them guidance. We all at Winmallee could have spent days with him listening and learning as we just enjoyed his company so much. He is a VERY honest person and this is what I love, I want honesty from someone who assesses my horses as this is my life and living. I also want someone who I can get along with on a personal basses. The reason I want this is because after the Tour is over Frank is still happy to give me advice over personal messages over facebook. I ask him his thoughts on Stallions I want to breed with, which stallions would go best with which mares. This is the type of assessor that we need in Australia as we need honesty to improve out stock.

Yours sincerely

Amanda Evins

Owner/Manager: Winmallee Classical Riding & Warmbloods.

“The National Tour is an excellent opportunity to obtain independent expert evaluation of our breeding stock and youngsters.  The advice and information gained helps guide our breeding program to ensure continued improvement of our lines for sport performance.”


Rebecca Hogan, New-Moon Shagya-Araber Sport Horse Stud.


I found the tour to be a great experience through participating in both the conformation (for my mare and foal) and also the ridden assessment. Frank provided excellent feedback and also took the time to explain how a horse’s conformation impacts on the the mechanics of the paces. A very informative and enjoyable day.

Wendy Lorincz.