All Venue or Stud Stop Bookings

Stud Stop bookings - $150 Booking Fee

Would like to book your property or somewhere in your area to be included as a venue for the 2020 Australian All Breeds Tour & National Show itinerary? We are taking bookings from across all states and you will be most welcome to add yours - you may like to book your local arena or you may have a suitable area available that you can use. You can keep it private just for you and a few friends or you may wish to make it public and get as many to attend as possible, all we need is a group of at least 6 horses that would like to be assessed at one venue. Please complete the Venue Booking Form below or get in touch with us if you need some more information.

Open Venue - may be a public equestrian facility or a private property (where outside horses/ponies may attend).

Closed Venue - Stud Stop (outside horses/ponies may attend by invitation from the stud owner only  -  NB : a minimum of 6 horses/ponies are required for a Closed Venue - stud stop).

We are offering a FREE Stud Stop booking month is to help to get the itinerary started to assist us to work out where and when we will be in each state. Why not book in October and avoid the booking fee? **FREE stud stop bookings have been closed for 2020.

Tour Dates
WA- 29 Feb - 5 Mar
SA - 6 Mar - 7 Mar
Qld - 8 Mar - 11 Mar
NSW - 12 Mar - 15 Mar
ACT - 16 Mar - 19 Mar
Vic - 20 Mar - 24 Mar

Payment Option 1
Direct Banking

BSB: 034630   

A/C:  318131

Payment Option 2

*Dates may change by a day depending on entries