Breed Societies

The benefit of your breed group/registry participating in a National Show is to give your members the opportunity to receive an evaluation and score from the same independent  judge nationwide.  All horses and ponies are scored to an international standard ensuring transparency and most of all, consistency.  If your group is breed specific, your horses/ponies will be judged according to the recognized standard for your breed.

Each horse/pony opting to participate in the halter phase will be individually evaluated for conformation and movement.     

The horse/pony will receive an overall score/percentage for these combined phases.  

There is also the option of ridden and/or jumping phases. The ridden phase  is judged on paces and trainability.

Each horse/pony is evaluated on the level that they are at in their training. Riders will be asked to perform at the walk, trot and canter with evaluations for movement, suppleness, trainability and regularity of paces. Horses/ponies will receive an overall score for the ridden phase.  

The jumping phase can be done either free through a jump lane or under saddle.  (Horses/ponies who elect to free jump in a lane should ideally have had at least 3 months training in free jumping prior to the date of the assessment/show.)  In the jumping phase, the horse/pony is scored on technique, style, bascule and scope. Horses/ponies participating in the ridden and/or jumping phases must be a minimum of 3 years of age.

The conformation and movement phases are not compulsory in order to be eligible to participate in the ridden and/or jumping phases.

As your members will complete an entry form for your National Show, you may elect to have separate ‘classes’ they can enter based on age and/or sex. You may also elect to have ‘classes’ for ridden and jumping  -  very much like a regular show program with champions and even supreme awards etc. If numbers suffice, you could have separate state awards as well as overall National champions. The program of ‘classes’ is entirely up to each group participating in a National Show format.

As the Tour travels around Australia scoring your horses/ponies, your members can see results published online. At the end of the Tour each partner group will collate results and then send sashes/prizes to their winners and place getters.

Each of your members will receive a copy of the score sheet for the horse/pony on the day with the original copy forwarded to your breed group Secretary, thus ensuring all results are true and correct.

Along with the assessment/classification of horses and ponies for the various participating partner groups who choose to have their own ‘National Show’, the Australian All Breeds Tour host a National "Open Show" that welcomes the participation of any breed or type of horse or pony.  This allows breeders and owners to still participate in a prestigious National Open Show if their breed group or registry does not wish to use this event to offer members a 'show'